A female netizen shared that a friend was unable to attend the previous wedding banquet

but insisted that her mother and younger sister attend on her behalf.

However, the behavior of the mother and daughter that day so angered the other guests on the stage that they stopped, and even the bride herself shouted: “The most annoying guest!”

The bitter host shared on the “Anonymous 2 Commune” Facebook group that at first the other party invited her when they had a wedding banquet, but she ended up only packing 2,200 yuan (the same amount in Taiwanese dollars, equivalent to about 550 Hong Kong dollars) for services. but no one came and exchanged. When she held the wedding banquet, the other party was unable to attend, so the original Po told her that everything was fine and the cake was returned to her. Not surprisingly, the other side insisted that her mother bring her sister to participate, however, she did not know the mother and daughter at all, did not even see them at all.

On the day of the wedding banquet, the mother and daughter actually packed the dishes from start to finish, the waiter was asked to pack the dishes soon after they were served so that no one else at the same table could eat them. Po explained this, “What was packed in front is the same as the food. The friends at the table tolerated it, but when the bridesmaid at the same table came on stage to pick up the flower balls, she stopped and said she hadn’t eaten it yet.” The original Po also complained, “During the entire wedding banquet, her sister never once looked at me or watched them leave as they left. There are large and small bags on hand.

Mother and daughter’s exaggerated behavior dumbfounded everyone and left messages:

“It’s too low for the same table to pack without even eating”, “I’ll block her in the future”, “The next time she gets married, it’s up to you “. send The aunt next door came out!”, “It doesn’t look like a wedding cockroach.”

Some people also shared their experience: “As soon as the first course was served, my aunt and her husband began to pack up! My friends and I got so hungry that we went back to McDonalds”, “I ran into this and started asking: Is there anyone who wants to eat? If I don’t eat, I’ll pack! I also pack in a fullink package”, “I heard that the package is 2000 per table and 10 people are all my family”, “I brought a bento box from the first course with me. From the very beginning, I used chopsticks that she “licked” to poke into each dish when serving, and then packaged it straight.

In addition, some people were curious about how much the other side packed. The original Po reluctantly revealed that “her mother packed 2,200 yuan and brought her daughter here.”