US Reaffirms No Plans to Alter Troop Presence in S. Korea

The United States has reaffirmed that it has no plans to change the size of its troop presence in South Korea. 

An official of South Korea’s Foreign Ministry told reporters on Friday that the U.S. made the affirmation during negotiations with South Korea on renewing their defense cost sharing agreement held in Washington earlier this week. 

The official said the two sides failed to narrow differences on how much each country should cover in defense costs, adding that there is still much progress to be made.

According to the official, the U.S. reiterated its demand for South Korea to share costs for the deployment of U.S. strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula while South Korea emphasized that the focus of the negotiations should be the stationing of the U.S. Forces Korea. 

The official also said that South Korea made clear to the U.S. that the current trend of sharing defense costs, which is focused on providing support in goods rather than support in cash, must continue. 

[Photo : KBS]



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