What We Learned: Here are six lessons from the latest round of primaries. (Eric Bradner and Dan Merica, CNN)

Meet the Missing Link: In 2016, when Arab leaders were concerned about then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, billionaire financier Tom Barrack, a close friend of Trump’s, stepped in to smooth things over. (David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times)

Coming to Cable Near You: The merger between AT&T and Time Warner won’t necessarily save money for consumers. Here’s why. (Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal)

‘Only Time Will Tell’: While Democrats roundly criticized Trump for the deal that he struck with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the response from Republican lawmakers was far more ambivalent. (Haley Byrd, The Weekly Standard)


The White House Yearbook: Here’s what Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, and 20 other Trump staffers looked like in high school. (Nick Tabor and James D. Walsh, New York)

Lena Felton is an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

Taylor Hosking is an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.



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