‘I’ve Always Been Very Good on My Own’: In many ways, Utah Representative Mia Love is a conventional conservative. But as Congress’s only black female Republican, she hasn’t shied away from calling the president out. (Daniel Allott, National Review)

The Aftermath: Members of Congress had mixed responses to Trump’s handling of negotiations at the G7 summit. Some expressed disappointment and disdain; others were supportive; and still others remained cautiously silent. (Lauren Fox and Daniela Diaz, CNN)

Men and Money: More women than ever before are running for governorships this year, yet they’re being out-fundraised by their male opponents—a sign, to many of them, that biases against female leaders still exist. (Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, The New York Times)

The New Middle East: Much more so than his predecessor, Trump has aligned with Israel and the Gulf states to fight Iran. But in this shifting world order, one nation is likely to lose: Palestine. (Adam Entous, The New Yorker)


How to Disarm North Korea: Ending North Korea’s nuclear program is no easy feat: There are nine substantial steps required to do so. (The New York Times)

Taylor Hosking is an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

Lena Felton is an editorial fellow at The Atlantic.



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