Do you see the panther too? (Image from HPIPark)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — He Ping Island National Park (和平島海濱公園) in Keelung announced on Mother’s Day that the park will democratically decide the names for their 10 most popular rock formations.

Voting is free and can be accessed here (website is Chinese only, scroll down for Taiwan News’ English translations).

One voter will win a three-day Star Cruise trip, 20 voters will win a He Ping Island National Park annual pass, and 100 voters will win a free pass to visit the national park. 

Winners will be announced June 15. 

1. Pig Head Cliff or Hog Brother Rock?

2. Great Sphinx of Giza Rock or Wind Lion God Rock?

3. Sea Hare Cliff or Rhinoceros Rock?

4. Mudskipper Cliff or Snake Head Rock?

5. Monitor Lizard Rock or Seal Cliff?

6. King Kong Cliff or Tibetan Mastiff Rock?

7. Pharaoh Rock or Tribal Chief Cliff? 

8. Alligator Rock or Honeycomb Cliff?

9. Black Kite Bird Rock or Pride Rock?

10. Panther Rock or Recliner Rock?



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