How K-pop Turned Bohemian Rhapsody Into A Viral Phenomenon In Korea

South Korea may seem like an unlikely answer for the question, “Which country’s people have been the most enthusiastic viewers of Bohemian Rhapsody?” Yet Korea is a place that surprises: Recent industry data reveals the film sold more than 9.4 million tickets with a total box office haul of $72 million, making the country the top non-U.S. market for the Queen biopic that just won two Golden Globes. (Yes, that means the movie about Queen was more popular in South Korea than it was in the United Kingdom, where the band is from.) The popularity is even more staggering when considered on a per capita basis: U.S. revenue for Bohemian Rhapsody was slightly less than three times that of South Korea’s, but the U.S. has a population more than six times greater than Korea.

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