Heavy rain in northern Japan

Torrential rain has hit Akita Prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. The Meteorological Agency is warning of landslides, overflowing rivers and flooding in the region, especially the Sea of Japan coast.

A low-pressure system has brought heavy rain to the northern area of Japan’s main island.

In the past 48 hours, rainfall in the city of Kitaakita in Akita Prefecture has totaled 153.5 millimeters — the average for the month of May.

Warm, humid air flowing into the frontal system from the south is causing unstable atmospheric conditions.

Landslide alerts have been issued for parts of Akita and neighboring Iwate Prefectures.

The agency says heavy rain is expected into late Friday night. The regions of Tohoku, Hokuriku and Hokkaido from central to northern Japan may see thunderstorms with severe rain.

Tohoku may get as much as 160 millimeters of rain by mid-Saturday.

The agency is warning people to take precautions against heavy rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes in wider areas. They include the Sea of Japan side of northern and western Japan and the Kanto region surrounding Tokyo.



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